Bulk Contact Lenses

Bulk contact lenses, which are sometimes referred to as wholesale contact lenses are relatively easy to find online today. But what exactly are they? Simply put this is a way to save as much as 70% off of your disposable contact lenses by buying a large quantity of them all at one time. Of course, in order to place an order you’ll need to have a current prescription from a licensed eye care professional. While it varies between states you’ll find that “current” usually means that you’ve seen your eye doctor and received this written prescription within the past year or two. This is done in order to keep you safe and ensure that your vision is correct.

While this sounds great, you may still be surprised that getting such a discount would even be possible. So, how do they do it? Basically, whenever a merchant has a large quantity based business, they price things lower. In doing so they expect to have an increased sales volume, by which they’ll make their money. As such, this is a win win opportunity for everyone involved, which is why you should look into buying bulk contact lenses the next time you’re in the market.